CCIE DC Exam Strategy – SEO ACT
CCIE DC Exam Strategy – SEO ACT

CCIE DC Exam Strategy

CCIE Certification Exam is an Expert-level Certification Exam introduced by Cisco in the United States in 1993. It is globally recognized as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry and is the top certification in the field of global Internetworking. 

CCIE Certification is the top certificate in the Cisco CertificationSystem.Cisco CCIE Exam is divided into CCIE Written Exam and CCIE LABExam. Candidatesshould first passes the CCIE written exam to participate in the CCIE LAB Exam. To obtain the Cisco CCIE Certification training website you need to obtain the following exams:

CCIE Exam Introduction: Written Exam (2 hours)

Written Exam Code: 400-151

Exam Time: 120 minutes (100 questions)

Exam version: V2.0

Written ExamSite: VUE ExamCenter

DC written exam is stable for a few months, with a question bank of 164 questions, and a score of 895. There are 100 questions on the exam, which candidates can pass with a score of 825.

Note: Cisco CCIE Certification Exam can be taken directly, for which candidatesdo does not need to take the CCNA and CCNP.It can save about USD 1000.


(1) Candidates need to bring two certificates when they attend the test.

The collocation of certificates: Class I Certificate + Class I Certificate or Class I Certificate + Class IICertificate

Class I Certificate (with photos, within the validity period)

  1. ID Card
  2. Passport
  3. Hong Kong and Macao Travel Permit
  4. Taiwan Compatriot Certificate
  5. Driver’s license
  6. Military Officer’s Certificate
  7. Social Security Card

Class II Certificate (within the validity period)

  1. Credit Card
  2. Bank Card or Provident Fund Card with name on the front and signature on the back
  3. Medical Insurance Card with photo
  4. Student ID Card with a photo overlay and a steel seal, if you are currently a student
  5. Work Card with name and signature in the signature line

Note: It is best to arrive at the examination center half an hour in advance!

Pre-examination questionnaire whose topic is to ask how long you prepare for the exam, what materials you read, how you know Cisco, you are self-study or training, how far you home from the test site, and your cultural level. But when it comes to the question that asks whether you are 18 years old, you must choose YES. When it comes to the question that asks whether you agree with the CISCO agreement, you must choose “Agree”. If you do not understand, you can ask the examiner.

After the agreement, click the “END” option at the bottom right corner of the questionnaire page, the examination system automatically began to draw questions from the server, which have been downloaded from Australia the day before by the test center and stored in the server.

There is an animated demonstration of the questions before the exam, which candidates can watch or not, and they can use this time to adjust their mood. After a few seconds, the questions are drawn, candidates can click “START”, and the official exam begins.

in the CCIE written test, it does not allow to go back and do the previous questions, so when clicking the “NEXT” button, be careful not to click quickly in a row, so as not to skip over several questions.

If there is a crash or other unexpected event during the test, it is recommended to contact the test center staff immediately and let them handle it. Usually, after the computer restarts, the previously completed exam questions will be recorded. There is plenty of time for the exam, so don’t worry. If an unexpected event occurs that wastes so much time that it affects your exam, you can negotiate with the exam center to reschedule the exam.

After all the questions are done, click”END EXAM” and exit the paper.After the test, the results will be issued on the spot. If you pass the exam, immediately you will see the test results, showing Congratulations on the screen, Oh, it shows that you pass the exam. Walking out of the examination room, the examiner will print out the transcript and hand it to you.The transcript must be saved, this is one of the evidence that you passed the exam.

CCIE Exam Introduction: LAB (8 hours)

LAB examination center.

Fixed test center: Beijing, Hong Kong

Introduction to CCIE LAB Site: For CCIE LAB,there are only 10 fixed examination sites in the world: Research Triangle Park (U.S.), San Jose (U.S.), Sydney (Australia), Hong Kong (China), Beijing (China), Tokyo (Japan), Brussels (Belgium), São Paulo (Brazil), Dubai (A). CCIE LAB fixed examinations in China: Hong Kong and Beijing, in addition to the national legal holidays, basically every day is open.


CCIE LAB fixed Examination Center: In Hong Kong, CCIE LAB Fee is USD 1600, In Beijing, CCIE LAB Fee is USD 1700.

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CCIE DC Exam Strategy

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