Do pokemon evolve in daycare? The benefits of putting a pokemon in daycare
Do pokemon evolve in daycare? The benefits of putting a pokemon in daycare

You can’t get past level 10 because you’re not sure whether Pokemon evolve in daycare.

We all know that understanding how to play Pokémon Go is important, but it’s hard to figure out the best way to do this on your own.

Do pokemon evolve in daycare? This blog will tell you exactly what happens when you leave a Pokemon at a gym or in a Pokecenter. It also provides advice about which of your Pokemon are strong enough for Gym Battles and Raids, based on their CP (Combat Power).

Pokemon Let's Go | How To Hyper Train In Pokemon Day Care | Pikachu / Eevee - GameWith
Pokemon Let’s Go | How To Hyper Train In Pokemon Day Care | Pikachu / Eevee – GameWith

Do Pokemon evolve in daycare?

I have a friend who uses daycare on their Pokemon. They say the only way to get some of them to evolve is to leave it in daycare with another Pokemon. Is this true? Or is it just a myth created by people who want more powerful team members?

I am not sure that  there is any evidence for this. I think it is very unlikely that Pokemon evolve in daycare. However, no one knows for sure because it has not been formally tested. The only way to be absolutely certain either way is to test it scientifically.

Can a Pokemon evolve in daycare?

The person asking the question had tried leveling up their Charmander in the Daycare, which is one method of training a Pokemon to evolve. However this did not work with Weedle, so they assumed that it would also not work with Charmander. This assumption was incorrect.

Many people share similar stories about using day care and not getting the result they wanted. In this article, I will go over why these people cannot evolve their Pokemon in day care, as well as legitimate ways to train your Pokemon to evolve.

Is leveling up with daycare bad?

I’ve seen people tell others to use YOLO mode when entering a gym with high prestige, however if I do that I will lose experience. Is leveling up with daycare considered bad too because of that or am I missing something? It’s kind of confusing.

What is the point of Pokemon daycare?

Breed Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon | WIRED UK
Breed Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon | WIRED UK

I choose to write about daycare in Pokemon because I’ve been asked quite a bit lately what the point of it is. The benefits and such, but also if it’s actually worth using at all. So here goes nothing…

The main reason behind Pokémon day care is to breed for good IVs . This is how it works: when you deposit two Pokémon in day care, the man there will raise them for you. If the two Pokémon are compatible , they may produce an egg .

Upon hatching, the baby has a chance of having good IVs – typically higher than usual because both parents have also increased their own stats at day care. You’ll notice it mostly with HP and Defense, but others too.

What happens if a Pokemon learns a move in the daycare?

A lot of people say that if you put two same Pokemon in the daycare, they can produce an egg that contains moves that they wouldn’t be able to use otherwise (e.g., male Combee with Sweet Scent and female Combee with Tackle).

Also, I would like to know what happens if a Pokemon learns a move while in the daycare.   Does it still learn moves that it could’ve learned normally?  Or does it forget all of its old moves and only remember the new one?  Does it get replaced by the egg move when it hatches?

If you did put a Pokemon in the daycare that knows a move that it would’ve forgotten, does it retain this move when it leaves the daycare?

I had a Furret with Extremespeed and I wanted an Eevee so badly.  In order to get my Furret to stop using Extremespeed, I put it in the daycare with an Eevee.  To my surprise, when I got my Furret back, it had forgotten Extremespeed!

Do Pokemon learn moves in daycare platinum?

The only ways to find out if the baby pokemon hatches with any of the parent’s moves are to either get the pokemon in question yourself, or ask someone who has it.

If you breed a female pokemon with the following characteristics with a male pokemon of the same egg group with one specific move, there is no way for you to know if they will breed baby pokemon that inherit that move without hatching an egg.

Also, there is no way for you to know if a pokemon will inherit a specific move from its parents without hatching an egg. The only exception to this rule is the male pokemon holding the everstone, which guarantees that it’s offspring will have at least one of its mother’s IVs.

Can you breed with fully evolved Pokemon?

Weirdness: Pokémon GO Has Inspired Parents in the US to Name Their Children After Pokémon - Nintendo Life
Weirdness: Pokémon GO Has Inspired Parents in the US to Name Their Children After Pokémon – Nintendo Life

You cannot breed with a Pokemon that is already an evolved form of another Pokemon. This includes any first or second stage forms, as well as baby Pokemon.

However, if two first stage forms of a family are compatible for breeding at the same time (both are at the egg stage), then you can breed them together to get another first stage Pokemon that is also compatible for breeding.

Where are the eggs in Pokemon shield?

Back in the old days of the Pokemon games, before it had an actual story or anything to do with being a hero besides catching ’em all, you could carry eggs around. But where are they now?

There used to be three ways to get eggs. The first was at certain Pokestops that gave out two free eggs when you spinned their pictures.

The second was hatching eggs by walking certain distances with them in your party. The third way was to find nests around the world where it would spawn an egg possibly with a rare or powerful Pokemon!

But now all of these are gone… I think. Every time I’ve picked up an egg, it’s been from either a Pokestop or a nest. No more eggs from leveling up!

What you need to know about the pokemon in your party before putting them in daycare?

The pokemon you deposit in daycare will have two notable changes: Their happiness increases by a considerable amount(varies between pokes); Their Effort Values increase by 10 points each level that they spend in the Daycare.

Another thing that changes is their natures. If you put a pokemon in daycare and then take it out again, its nature will no longer be random and constant, but instead change to the standard nature of another pokemon from your party which has been in the daycare for at least one level longer.

You can use this trick to manipulate a pokemon’s nature.

It is due to these changes that you can’t put certain pokes into the daycare, for example: Snorlax, Slowpoke and Grimer cannot be deposited in the daycare because there is no other pokemon with a standard nature from which they would learn their new one.

A pokemon cannot be put in daycare if their happiness is less than 220. This means that there are certain pokes from which you will not be able to obtain a good nature, because no other pokemon will have the appropriate standard nature for them to inherit.

These include: Slowpoke, Grimer and Lapras .

The final thing: Pokemon in daycare do not evolve, no matter how long you leave them there.

The benefits of putting a pokemon in daycare

A parent's guide to Pokemon – Destructoid
A parent’s guide to Pokemon – Destructoid

The first benefit, is that you get an egg every 512 steps. This means if you go only in the daycare and take it out, you can get eggs every 512 steps. There’s no better way to say that, but this is just a great reason all on its own.

The second benefit is that if your pokemon has [INSERT ABILITY], then the baby will also have [ABILITY]. This means you can pass down all of the abilities.

If you put a pokemon with good IVs in, then chances are that the baby will have them too. This is something to consider if breeding for competitive battling or just for fun.

For example, if your pokemon has “Guts” as an ability, and it’s high level, it is most likely going to have a baby with good IVs, but that baby is only going to have “Guts” as an ability unless you put another pokemon into the daycare with it.

Since they’re both in the same egg group, if the two parent pokemon breed while they’re both in the daycare, they can make an egg. This means you don’t have to worry about finding another pokemon in the same egg group (if they’re compatible) because you already have one there!

You also get the benefit of knowing what’s inside before you even take it out of its pokeball, unlike true breeding where sometimes you might not like what you got!

The fifth benefit is that you get to keep your pokemon in the daycare even when it’s fainted. Basically, you just take it out and put it back in again.

This means if this is your last pokemon, then you don’t have to worry about running out of safari balls or losing your spot to catch something else.

The sixth benefit is that Pokemon in the daycare gain happiness twice as fast! This means your pokemon will level up faster with less work, and it’s something to consider if you’re trying to evolve a pokemon before the end of the game.

The seventh benefit is that there are no limits to how many steps you can go in the daycare. Even if it says that you need to go to the Pokemon center, you can still walk around in there. This means if you want to get rid of your repels but don’t want to waste them by walking around, then this is a great way!

If your pokemon’s health is low and they’re about to faint, then they can’t lose happiness anymore. I’m not sure why, but you’ll notice the difference especially if your pokemon is fainted in daycare. This means you won’t lose all of your progress with your pokemon’s happiness!

Finally, the eighth benefit is that pokemon that are in the daycare level up faster than pokemon that are in training. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it’s something to consider if you’re trying to max out your pokemon before the end of the game (for example) or you’re just lazy about grinding.

Disadvantages of having a pokemon stay at the Day Care Center for too long

There are a lot of advantages to having your pokemon stay at the Day Care Center for a longer period of time. What many people don’t know is that there are disadvantages as well! Now, you might be thinking ‘how can there be disadvantages? It’s free!’

Well, it is free, but if you have your pokemon stay with those daycare people for too long, they will start to evolve!

This can be quite annoying if you are trying to get a pokemon evolved into another type! And also, it will happen, whether you want it or not.

So when do these evolutions happen? It varies from person-to-person. Some people say it happens after two days, some say six. At the end of the day, it’s random!

You can stop these evolutions by switching your pokemon out with another one. But why would you want to do that? If your pokemon are at their highest level, then they will not be able to gain any more levels.

So if two of your pokemon are at level 100 and you switch them out, that means that pokemon will stay at level 100. You won’t gain any experience because it’s still the same pokemon!

Tips and tricks on how to get more money from your pokemon while they are staying at the Day Care Center

You may have noticed a small bar showing how long your pokemon has been in the Day Care Center. But did you know that there is more to this than just time?

In the second page of the summary it says that “the longer they stay, the more they level up.” Well that might be true, but if you read through even further it says “They can’t evolve if they’re stuffed in the PC, though.”

In other words, not only does time affect their level up rate, but also how much happiness they gain. You get more happiness from staying at the Day Care for a longer period of time.

When your pokemon levels up from gaining happiness it gains stats!

Not only that, but you get the satisfaction of knowing your pokemon are getting stronger. That’s not all either!

A new feature in Heart Gold/Soul Silver is the ability to interact with your pokemon while they are at the Day Care. The more often you interact with it, the more likely it will pick up an item.

This includes berries that can be used to further train your pokemon.


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