How To Play Against Ranged Champions in The Top Lane?
How To Play Against Ranged Champions in The Top Lane?

The Top Lane is one of the three Lanes in League of Legends. It is widely considered a “solo Lane”, which means that the emphasis is placed on solo play rather than active game participation. 

The Top Laners that are put against each other will do everything in their power to win. It is an actual test of one’s individual skills and Champion Mastery. However, there are some intricacies of the Top Lane that I’d like to get into before we get to the main topic of the article.

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Top Lane General

The Top Lane is, as I’ve said, a solo Lane. It is isolated on the far side of the map and does not directly contact the rest. Though this isolation level is identical geographically to Bot Lane, the two cannot be compared. 

The primary reason for this is the importance of ADCs and Supports for the game. Not to mention that there are 2 Champions down there and are basically right next to the Dragon. A lot of heat will be revolving around the Bot Lane, and the exact opposite is true for Top.

On the Top Lane, not even Junglers actively participate. Occasional ganks are, of course, only natural to the game. However, most Junglers will focus their attention elsewhere, like Mid, Bot, or the Jungle objectives. 

The Top Lane lacks any hyper carries or super-strong Champions that can singlehandedly impact games. Although there are some, most Champions will be easy to contain, and their isolation can be a curse as much as a gift. Allowing Top Laners to get too ahead is a massive mistake on the Jungler’s behalf, as they can garner a multitude of times more XP than any other Laner. 

Therefore, the Top Lane is not only a head-to-head contest, but it does have some of its uniqueness. There’s also the Herald, which can be a game-changing objective, among some other things. Since this is not our primary topic, I won’t dabble around for too long. 

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Recommended Top Laners

I wish only to briefly recommend some Champions to the guys and girls new to the Lane. 

For absolute newbies, you should try: Tryndamere, Jax 

For those a bit knowledgeable: Darius, Illaoi

And for the intermediates: Gangplank, Shen

That’s about it. Of course, the Top Lane has so many good picks in its roster, and we even wrote a list on the subject, so be sure to check it out. 

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How To Play Against Ranged Top Laners?

Ranged Top Laners are some of the most brutally tricky Champions to face. The Top Lane is an environment where 90% of Champions are slow, melee Bruisers. These Champions know only how to bonk people with their oversized weapons over the head. 

Ranged Champions thus have the immediate advantage of, well, range. Every single misstep can be severely punished just by basic attacks, not to mention some powerful spells. 

The strategies against each Champion vary, but there is some advice that I can give you. Keep in mind that, as I’ve said, the same things will not always work against Jayce, Quinn, or Vayne, who are wildly different types of ranged. 

Firstly, watch your step. They have the power of being safe while you don’t. Positioning and movement will be crucial to your survival on the Lane. Make sure not to get too close to get harassed by their basic attacks and abilities while also not going too far away to miss out on XP. 

This movement of yours should primarily revolve around the left-side bushes. Use their invisibility by moving in and out of them for safer farming and XP acquirement. Understand that you will likely be at a gold deficiency for the entire Laning Phase if you don’t get help from your Jungler.

Secondly, watch their step. People always overextend in times when they have the upper hand. As the ranged Top Laner against you will almost certainly have a permanent advantage, they will overextend more often. Abuse every mistake they make, as this will be your only real chance at getting back at them. 

Thirdly, utilize your Junglers. Cooperate and communicate meticulously and carefully with your ally to get a proper invasion in motion. You will more than likely always be pushed in if you’re not zoned completely. Even during zone situations, your Jungler can arrive to help you. Even if you manage to only scare the enemy into recalling/using their Summs, you’ll have achieved something. 

Of course, these are not the only three pieces of advice I have. There’s wave management, vision, and so many other things on Top of those. However, since I don’t want to make this into a novella, I will refrain from detailing them. 

These three key concepts will help you survive the Lane against a Ranged Champion. They can be insanely challenging to face, and even if you lose, don’t be harsh on yourself. I’ve played thousands of games on Top, and Ranged Champions are still a massive issue for me. I just try to keep to these principles and pray for the best. 

But the best thing to do would probably be to just pick Teemo. 


Facing Ranged Champions in any Lane is a challenging endeavor. This is especially true on the Top Lane, where you are more than likely to be a melee Bruiser. To abuse melee Champions with Ranged ones is nothing special and is almost a given. Knowing what to do in those situations as melees is pivotal to maintaining yourself and at least surviving through the bitter Laning Phase. 

I hope you’ve found this article informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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