NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today (June 2022) nytimes puzzles Solution
NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today (June 2022) nytimes puzzles Solution


NYT Mini Crossword Today Answer Release, check Tuesday NYTimes Mini Crossword puzzles clues with solution list: The NY Times Mini Crossword is a puzzle that is published in newspapers, NYT Mini Crossword news websites of the new york times, and also on mobile applications. Today puzzles were created by Joel Fagliano. On this page, we listed all NYT Mini Crossword answers & clues (05/31/2022), all solved and unsolved clues with answers solution archive and complete instructions about how to play NYT Mini Crossword puzzles daily.

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NYT Mini Crossword Game Answers Today 2022

Today puzzles were created by Joel Fagliano. Mini Crossword puzzles have earned their devoted fans throughout these decades, who solemnly dedicate their time to crack solve the puzzle using clues. So here we come with correct answers to all cross clues puzzles with a solutions list. We’ll daily update this page and publish recent solutions so don’t forget to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D. Below we mentioned the highlights of NYTimes the Mini Crossword Game solutions archive list then, you can check NYT Mini Crossword recent solutions:

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NYT Mini crossword answers, the new york times mini crossword puzzle answers and clues 2022

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*NY Times Mini Crossword clues with answers added today

NYT Mini Crossword today answer (June 2022)

Here we mentioned the all-word answers Today. The clues are given below are in the order they appeared. This page is updated on a daily basis so don’t forget to visit daily and check the correct answers of today New york times Mini Crossword puzzles 2022. All the NYTimes Mini Crossword solution lists have been tested by our team and are 100% correct.


NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 31, 2022

  • President between Roosevelt and Wilson:      TAFT
  • Word after beer or Jelly:      BELLY
  • Slightly outdo:      ONEUP
  • Chutzpah:      MOXIE
  • Country star Paisley:      BRAD
  • Voice below alto:      TENOR
  • First name that declined sharply in popularity as a result of Amazon:      ALEXA
  • In a changeable state:      FLUID
  • Variety:      TYPE
  • Do really poorly, as a stand-up comedian:      BOMB

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 30, 2022

  • Personal growth?:      BEARD
  • Metallic mixture:      ALLOY
  • How many times the Minnesota Twins have won the World Series, appropriately:      TWICE
  • Emmy-winning HBO show starring Jean Smart:      HACKS
  • Hurricane’s center:      EYE
  • Wash oneself:      BATHE
  • John ___, Hall-of-Fame QB:      ELWAY
  • Girl who travels to Wonderland:      ALICE
  • Fist that’s defeated by an open palm, in a game:      ROCK
  • Hair color changers:      DYES

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 29, 2022

  • “Dancing Queen” band:      ABBA
  • Amorphous shape:      BLOB
  • Supposed effect of Mercury in retrograde:      CHAOS
  • Stinky bit of laundry:      SOCK
  • Annoys:      IRKS
  • Really hate:      ABHOR
  • Word with Friday, comedy or hole:      BLACK
  • Library rentals:      BOOKS
  • What an L-sit helps exercise:      ABS
  • CBS forensic franchise:      CSI

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 28, 2022

  • “J” in a deck:      JACK
  • “Let me repeat myself …”:      ISAID
  • Tiny fish:      MINNOW
  • Spanish drink of red wine and chopped fruit:      SANGRIA
  • Person from Kathmandu:      NEPALI
  • Agreed (with):      SIDED
  • Carrot, for a snowman:      NOSE
  • Slim ___ (jerky snacks):      JIMS
  • The first “A” of A.A.P.I.:    ASIAN
  • French city with an annual film festival:      CANNES
  • Bigwig:      KINGPIN
  • El ___ (mythical land of gold):      DORADO
  • Devious strategies:      WILES
  • Certain political staffer:      AIDE

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NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 27, 2022

  • Only country whose name starts with “Q”:      QATAR
  • Hackneyed:      TRITE
  • Only country whose name starts with “Y”:      YEMEN
  • Like perfect handwriting:      NEAT
  • T. rexes have tiny ones:
  • Amount: Abbr.:      QTY
  • Madison Square Garden, for one:      ARENA
  • One function of a microwave:      TIMER
  • Starting squad:      ATEAM
  • Doesn’t buy, as an apartment:      RENTS

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 26, 2022

  • Big star that’s really blowing up:      NOVA
  • Big star:      CELEB
  • Subtle reminder:      NUDGE
  • Sourdough, e.g.:      BREAD
  • Pros’ opposites:      CONS
  • Brain-related: Prefix:      NEURO
  • Like the days of yore:      OLDEN
  • Most popular wedding city in the U.S., familiarly:
  • Still sleeping:    ABED
  • Cable channel that covers Wall Street:      CNBC

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 25, 2022

  • Hot tub nozzle:      JET
  • “___ So Vain” (Carly Simon hit):      YOURE
  • Website overseer, for short:      ADMIN
  • What novices must learn, with “the”:      ROPES
  • Towel (off):      DRY
  • Skittish:      JUMPY
  • Lake that borders Buffalo and Cleveland:      ERIE
  • Place for the “2” in 123.45:      TENS
  • Outdoor area that shares an etymological root with “garden”:      YARD
  • Stinky smell:      ODOR

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 24, 2022

  • Where Marty is trapped in “Back to the Future”:      PAST
  • Break during the workday:      LUNCH
  • Bicker (with):      ARGUE
  • Muscular:      BEEFY
  • Medieval laborer:      SERF

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 23, 2022

  • “Get out of here!”:      SCRAM
  • Snapshot:      PHOTO
  • Popular Italian sports car, in slang:      LAMBO
  • Hayes who wrote “Soul Man”:      ISAAC
  • Last amendment in the Bill of Rights:      TENTH
  • Word before personality or peas:      SPLIT
  • Thrill of the ___:      CHASE
  • Like the Circus Maximus and Trajan’s Market:      ROMAN
  • When you might feast on a slider?:      ATBAT
  • Freeloading sort:      MOOCH

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 22, 2022

  • Fabled believer in “sour grapes”:      FOX
  • Group of gnats:      SWARM
  • Food whose Detroit style is rectangular:      PIZZA
  • Black-and-white cookies:      OREOS
  • TV’s “___ Lasso”:      TED
  • Daunted:      FAZED
  • Rice-shaped pasta:      ORZO
  • Present day, for short?:      XMAS
  • Lend, as money:      SPOT
  • Send, as money:      WIRE

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 21, 2022

  • Fuel source targeted for phase-out by the Paris climate accord:      COAL
  • Not as good:      WORSE
  • Where Biden and Harris worked before the White House:      SENATE
  • App with a bird icon:      TWITTER
  • Genre for “It” and “It Follows”:      HORROR
  • Enthusiasm:      ARDOR
  • “American ___” (singing show):      IDOL
  • Computer key below Shift:      CONTROL
  • Expert speech giver:      ORATOR
  • Flower that blooms in the early fall:      ASTER
  • Look (at) in a creepy way:      LEER
  • Oddball:      WEIRDO
  • Excalibur, for King Arthur:      SWORD
  • Popular takeout option:      THAI

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 20, 2022

  • Do or die:      VERB
  • Author Puzo who wrote “The Godfather”:      MARIO
  • “You can skip me”:      IPASS
  • They sense scents:      NOSES
  • Uno + dos:      TRES
  • Makeup of airplane contrails:      VAPOR
  • Wipe off a blackboard:      ERASE
  • Goes up:          RISES
  • End-of-level challenge in a video game:      BOSS
  • Garnish for a mojito:      MINT

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 19, 2022

  • Go by foot:      WALK
  • 97-100%:      APLUS
  • 5-Across is a great one:      GRADE
  • ___ Says (children’s game):      SIMON
  • Stand the test of time:      LAST
  • Happy tail movements:      WAGS
  • First month of the year with 30 days:      APRIL
  • Animal that spits to express displeasure:      LLAMA
  • Words of praise:      KUDOS
  • FedExed, e.g.:      SENT

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 18, 2022

  • Invite, as to a dance:      ASK
  • Duck call:      QUACK
  • From the city:      URBAN
  • Word that often precedes “mentioned”:      AFORE
  • “Also, FYI …”:      BTW
  • Blue hue:      AQUA
  • Wait in a lineup, paddle in, get barreled:      SURF
  • Meat on a skewer:      KABOB
  • Online shopping icon:      CART
  • Was familiar with:      KNEW

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 17, 2022

  • Not home:      AWAY
  • Shape of many a dog biscuit:      BONE
  • Animals that sing:      BIRDS
  • Just sitting around:      IDLE
  • People make them every morning:      BEDS
  • Put up with:      ABIDE
  • “What a Wonderful ___” (Louis Armstrong classic):      WORLD
  • Where the capital cities of Bogotá, Quito and La Paz can be found:      ANDES
  • “You betcha!”:      YES
  • Lobster eater’s neckwear:      BIB

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 16, 2022

  • Detonation material:      TNT
  • Like Noah, when putting TWO in the ARK?:      ATWORK
  • Tropical rum cocktail:      MAITAI
  • Strong, like a bet of TEN in the POT?:      POTENT
  • Sound of air leaking from a tire:      SSS
  • Ninnies:      TWITS
  • iPhone app with a lined paper icon:      NOTES
  • Like those represented by this flag:      TRANS
  • Guitar hook-up:      AMP
  • “___ Te Ching” (classic philosophical text):      TAO
  • First-aid box:      KIT

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 15, 2022

  • Clothing :      GARB
  • With 1-Down, museum device with supplementary commentary:      AUDIO
  • Instrument in a string quartet:      VIOLA
  • “Intuition tells me …”:      IDBET
  • Proof of ownership, in Monopoly:      DEED
  • See 5-Across:      GUIDE
  • Sun-dried clay brick:      ADOBE
  • Angry, with “up”:      RILED
  • What can float that rhymes with “float”:      BOAT
  • Enthusiastic:      AVID

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 14, 2022

  • Guys:      GENTS
  • Rocky’s surname in “Rocky”:      BALBOA
  • Most populous E.U. country:      GERMANY
  • “___ tree falls in the woods …”:      IFA
  • Earth-related: Prefix:      GEO
  • Place to take a pup to play:      DOGPARK
  • Fleetwood Mac hit with the line “Thunder only happens when it’s raining”:      DREAMS
  • Indignant response to “Who, you!?”:      YESME
  • Car storage spots:      GARAGES
  • Tree found inside Lionel Messi’s name:      ELM
  • Match-up between the Bucks and Celtics, e.g.:      NBAGAME
  • Certain cosmetics products:      TONERS
  • Give the go-ahead:      SAYOK
  • Opposite of “after”:      BEFORE
  • Beyond happy:      GIDDY
  • Brand of nonstick cooking spray:      PAM

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 13, 2022

  • Baby’s bed:      CRIB
  • Home to Acadia National Park:      MAINE
  • Supermarket division:      AISLE
  • Psithurism, n. “The sound of wind whispering through ___”:      TREES
  • Party thrower:      HOST
  • Capital city with a view of pyramids:      CAIRO
  • Goes up:      RISES
  • Small arm of the sea:      INLET
  • Honey makers:      BEES
  • Einstein called it “the poetry of logical ideas”:      MATH

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 12, 2022

  • Tourist ___:      TRAP
  • Common GPS preset:      HOME
  • Motorized two-wheel transport:      EBIKE
  • They’re pixelated to avoid trademark issues:      LOGOS
  • Sticky parts of geckos:      TOES
  • What someone who fails embarrassingly is said to take:      THEL
  • Wall-E in “Wall-E,” e.g.:      ROBOT
  • Spanish friend:      AMIGO
  • Variety of black tea:      PEKOE
  • Pluralizing letter:      ESS

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 11, 2022

  • Place to go undercover?:      BED
  • “___ were we …?”:      WHERE
  • Kind of molecular bond:      IONIC
  • Insincerely smooth:      SLICK
  • Mother to chicks:      HEN
  • French-speaking West African nation:      BENIN
  • New York City mayor Adams:      ERIC
  • 52 cards:      DECK
  • Thought before blowing out birthday candles:      WISH
  • Part of a golf course:      HOLE

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 10, 2022

  • Special talents:      GIFTS
  • Dummy:      IDIOT
  • One who doesn’t write with their right:      LEFTY
  • Past the deadline:      LATE
  • Crafty:      SLY
  • Fish’s breathing organs:      GILLS
  • Best possible:      IDEAL
  • Point bonus for using all of one’s tiles in Scrabble:      FIFTY
  • Certain grocery bag:      TOTE
  • Pig’s home:      STY

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 9, 2022

  • U.S. bills that depict the Declaration of Independence signing on their backs:      TWOS
  • Request when stuck:      HINT
  • Designer de la Renta:      OSCAR
  • Study of the brain, informally:      NEURO
  • Avarice:      GREED
  • Skimpy bathing suit:      THONG
  • Older but ___:      WISER
  • When prompted:    ONCUE
  • React to seeing a celebrity, maybe:      STARE
  • Pretzel shape:      ROD

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 7, 2022

  • Office-wide message:        MEMO
  • Made some viral internet content:        MEMED
  • Columnist William who wrote “On Language”:        SAFIRE
  • Parts of mattresses …  or years:        SPRINGS
  • “Amen to that”:        IAGREE
  • Piece of glass that refracts light:        PRISM
  • Email folder:        SENT
  • Selfish attitude:        MEFIRST
  • “Lose Yourself” rapper:        EMINEM
  • Go from two lanes to one:        MERGE
  • Praiseful poems:        ODES
  • Border of a page:        MARGIN
  • Bowling score represented by a slash:        SPARE
  • Drinks slowly:        SIPS

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 6, 2022

  • They lend the bitter flavor to an I.P.A.:        HOPS
  • Do slightly better than:        ONEUP
  • San Fran football player:        NINER
  • “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” author:        KONDO
  • Have to have:        NEED
  • Sound of traffic frustration:        HONK
  • Bagel variety:        ONION
  • ___ alla vodka (pasta dish):        PENNE
  • Soft shoe leather:        SUEDE
  • Give a poke:        PROD

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 5, 2022

  • Use a keyboard:        TYPE
  • Color for correct letters in Wordle:        GREEN
  • Intended:        AIMED
  • There are 1,665 to the top of the Eiffel Tower:        STEPS
  • Vaping implements:        PENS
  • Overdone:        TRITE
  • Neighbor of Saudi Arabia:        YEMEN
  • Marshmallow candy popular around Easter:        PEEPS
  • Split ___ (hair problem):        ENDS
  • [OMG!]:        GASP

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 4, 2022

  • Wooden strips for a window blind:        SLATS
  • Colorful spring bulb:        TULIP
  • Bring together:        UNITE
  • Story from Aesop:        FABLE
  • Like much ballpark food:        FRIED
  • Pack in tightly:        STUFF
  • Moon-related:        LUNAR
  • Excuse for a criminal suspect:        ALIBI
  • Dropdown menu with options like “Dr.” and “Mrs.”:        TITLE
  • Go 80 in a 55, say:        SPEED

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 3, 2022

  • Word after “bathing,” “business” or “birthday”:        SUIT
  • A fan of:        INTO
  • Not bottled or canned, as beerCry loudly:        ONTAP
  • Flower that’s also a woman’s name:      LILY
  • Mount where Moses received the Ten Commandments:        SINAI
  • Up to:        UNTIL
  • Country that produces the most wine annually:        ITALY
  • Where the cream rises:        TOP
  • Bird supposedly hidden in the upper right corner of a $1 bill:        OWL

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 2, 2022

  • Fireplace remains:        ASHES
  • GPS suggestion: Abbr.:        RTE
  • Verbally joust:        SPAR
  • With 6-Across and 5-Down, celebrated person (hint: browned bread):        TOAST
  • See 5-Across:        OFTHE
  • Adjective suggested by this visual pun: YYYY:        WISE
  • Thumbs-down votes:        NAYS
  • Actress Vergara of “Modern Family”:        SOFIA
  • Person who’s easily fooled:        PATSY

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- May 1, 2022

  • Pop star Taylor:        SWIFT
  • Out-of-the-ballpark hit:        HOMER
  • More than enough:        AMPLE
  • Double ___ (DNA structure):        HELIX
  • Greek goddess of night:        NYX
  • Onetime leader of Iran:        SHAH
  • “Little ___” (Louisa May Alcott novel):        WOMEN
  • Say without saying:        IMPLY
  • Name that’s Latin for “lucky”:        FELIX
  • Dino in “Jurassic Park”:        TREX

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 30, 2022

  • College student’s focus:        MAJOR
  • Like Napoleon from France, in 1814:        EXILED
  • Regal ___ (movie theater chain):        CINEMAS
  • Courteney of “Friends”:        COX
  • Insect with around 15,000 known species:        ANT
  • One side of the world’s longest international border:        AMERICA
  • Restaurant with a long counter and booths:        DINER
  • “Hey, you! Over here!”:        PSST
  • Birthplace of Muhammad:        MECCA
  • Truism:        AXIOM
  • Cursed with bad luck:        JINXED
  • Soccer stadium cheer:        OLE
  • “The ___ of the Day” (Kazuo Ishiguro novel that won the Booker Prize):        REMAINS
  • Many viral TikTok trends:        DANCES
  • Begin:        START
  • Long tear:        RIP

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 29, 2022

  • Opposite of difficulty:        EASE
  • The “D” of F.D.A.:        DR U G
  • Everyone’s doing it:        AGING
  • 3, for the set [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]:        MEAN
  • Without doing anything:        IDLY
  • Double-___ sword:        EDGED
  • Standard Windows typeface:        ARIAL
  • Upbeat and optimistic:        SUNNY
  • Answer to this riddle from “The Hobbit”: “A box without hinges, key or lid / Yet golden treasure inside is hid”:        EGG
  • French for “friend”:        AMI

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 28, 2022

  • 1 in 9.2 quintillion, for filling out a perfect March Madness bracket:        ODDS
  • Structure that might be made of pillows:        FORT
  • Elevator choice:      FLOOR
  • “___ Is Blind” (reality TV show):        LOVE
  • Toy for a snow day:        SLED
  • Light switch position:        OFF
  • Barbies and Bratz:        DOLLS
  • What a baby’s bib catches:        DROOL
  • Kitchen appliance:        STOVE
  • Popular lipstick shade:        RED

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 27, 2022

  • Purchase at the pump:        GAS
  • Waffle topping:        SYRUP
  • Country that shares an island with the Dominican Republic:
  • “Ready ___, here I come!”:        HAITI
  • Fitting last Across answer:      END
  • Work long and hard:        GRIND
  • Prefix with -crat or -correct:        AUTO
  • Barbecue rod:        SPIT
  • “Sneak” is a slangy term for one:        SHOE
  • Knitting ball:        YARN

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 26, 2022

  • They’re tossed in a game of cornhole:        BAGS
  • Browse online without commenting:        LURK
  • NBC morning show:        TODAY
  • Some mountain rentals:        SKIS
  • Furry friends:        PETS
  • Chap:        BLOKE
  • I.R.S. examination:        AUDIT
  • What covers a lot of ground?:        GRASS
  • Rhyming place to fly:        SKY
  • Baking measurement: Abbr.:        TSP

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 25, 2022

  • Group of dolphins:        POD
  • Group of lions:        PRIDE
  • Time off to take it easy, for short:        RANDR
  • Many times:        OFTEN
  • Symbol on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:        STAR
  • Companion ship of the Niña and Santa Maria:        PINTA
  • More strange:        ODDER
  • Actress Laura of “Jurassic Park”:        DERN
  • ___ and cons:        PROS
  • Group of sea otters:        RAFT

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 24, 2022

  • Wax with a stamped design:        SEAL
  • Head pests:        LICE
  • Brief remark when heading to bed:        NIGHT
  • Word shouted into a canyon:        ECHO
  • President’s rejection of a bill:        VETO
  • Pizzeria order:        SLICE
  • Number of days of Hanukkah:        EIGHT
  • Sneezing sound:        ACHOO
  • “___ it go!”:        LET
  • Neighbor of Calif. and Ariz.:        NEV

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 23, 2022

  • Revolutionary Guevara:        CHE
  • Affleck who played Batman:        BEN
  • Turn into worm food:        ROT
  • Opposite of WSW:        ENE
  • Had for dinner:        ATE
  • “That hurt!”:        YOW
  • Hit the gym:        WORKOUT
  • “Silver ___ Playbook” (2012 film):        LININGS
  • Gate fastener:        LATCH
  • Harper who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird”:        LEE
  • Move like a baby:        CRAWL
  • What deep-frying is done with:        HOTOIL
  • Lasting forever:        ETERNAL
  • She holds the record for most Grammys by any female artist (28):        BEYONCE
  • “Strangely ___ …”:        ENOUGH
  • Small salamanders:        NEWTS
  • Toy flown in the sky:        KITE

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 22, 2022

  • [See (A) in illustration]:        TRUNK
  • Violin bow application:        ROSIN
  • Carole King’s “___ Got a Friend”:        YOUVE
  • [See illustration]:        TREE
  • Places for mani-pedis:        SPAS
  • Make an attempt:        TRY
  • [See (B) in illustration]:        ROOTS
  • Take over by force:        USURP
  • Skin care brand:        NIVEA
  • Many skateboarders wear pads over them:        KNEES

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 21, 2022

  • With 5-Across, most popular Ben and Jerry’s flavor over the past five years:        HALF
  • See 1-Across:        BAKED
  • From Jordan or Japan:        ASIAN
  • Restless and fidgety:        ANTSY
  • HRs or RBIs:        STAT
  • “It ___ been easy …”:        HASNT
  • Japanese dog breed:        AKITA
  • Opposite of most:        LEAST
  • “Bravest” grp. in the Big Apple:        FDNY
  • Makes the sound of a sheep:        BAAS

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 20, 2022

  • Douglas ___ (state tree of Oregon):        TAPE
  • Gift wrapper’s need:        TAPE
  • Coffee choice … and 1-Down backward:        DECAF
  • Coffee choice:        ICED
  • Degree after an M.A.:        PHD
  • Confronted:        FACED
  • Apple tablet:        IPAD
  • Basketball official:        REF
  • Sector for many start-up companies:        TECH
  • Baba ghanouj or buffalo sauce:        DIP

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 19, 2022

  • A1 is the first for a newspaper:
  • Mountain goat with large horns:        IBEX
  • Shell for a sea snail:        CONCH
  • “Double Stuf” cookie:        OREO
  • Seaweed in a “forest”:        KELP
  • Snapshot, snappily:      PIC
  • What you shouldn’t judge by its cover:        ABOOK
  • Reggae, rock or R&B:        GENRE
  • Do a great job:      EXCEL
  • React to a stubbed toe, maybe:        HOP

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 18, 2022

  • Furry red monster with a falsetto:        ELMO
  • Team:        SQUAD
  • Hidden-camera prank show since 2003:        PUNKD
  • Enclosure for a pet bird:        CAGE
  • Pub drinks:        ALES
  • Neither > nor <:        EQUAL
  • Sudden forward leap:        LUNGE
  • Creates:        MAKES
  • Like 2021 and 2023, but not 2022:        ODD
  • Pet adoption org.:        SPCA

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 17, 2022

  • Word that follows wedding, teething and boxing:        RING
  • Dubai dignitary:        EMIR
  • Member of the electorate:        VOTER
  • Costing nothing:        FREE
  • Affectionate towards, with “of”:        FOND
  • Make a “vroom, vroom” noise:        REV
  • “Gotta go!”:        IMOFF
  • The “N” of TNT:        NITRO
  • Bottom color on a traffic light:        GREEN
  • “Turning ___” (2022 Pixar film):        RED

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 16, 2022

  • Sports bars are lined with them:        TVS
  • Mainstream genre:        POP
  • Folder for unread messages:        NEWMAIL
  • Excessively sentimental:        TREACLY
  • ___ chocolate:        DARK
  • First college established in North America (1636):        HARVARD
  • 0 or 1, but not 1/2:        INTEGER
  • Astronomer for whom a geocentric model of the universe is named:        PTOLEMY
  • Channel that airs “Inside the N.B.A.”:        TNT
  • Green and leafy:        VERDANT
  • Affirm under oath:        SWEARTO
  • What the “P” in U.P.S. might be mistaken for:        PACKAGE
  • Lubricating substance:        OIL
  • Toilet paper layer:        PLY
  • Studio with two of the top five highest-grossing films of all time:        MARVEL
  • Fashionable:        HIP
  • “Shiny Happy People” band:        REM
  • Not wet:        DRY

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 15, 2022

  • Dance club hirees, for short:        DJS
  • Cheer (for):        ROOT
  • Digit #5:        PINKY
  • Digit #2:        INDEX
  • “Holy cow!,” in old-fashioned speak:        EGAD
  • Kanye West album named for his mother:        DONDA
  • Made some wisecracks:        JOKED
  • River to the underworld, in myth:        STYX
  • Digit #4:        RING
  • Thanksgiving dessert:        PIE

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 14, 2022

  • Nickname for Theodore:        TED
  • “How come?”:        WHY
  • Tuna fish container:        CAN
  • Intentionally lose, as a sports match:        THROW
  • It’s found about 93 million miles from the Sun:        EARTH
  • Personal journal:        DIARY
  • Bill ___ the Science Guy:        NYE
  • Red Lobster, White Castle or Walgreens:        CHAIN
  • Whole host:        ARRAY
  • University of ___ Dame:        NOTRE

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 13, 2022

  • ___ of time:        SANDS
  • Pick up the tab for someone:        TREAT
  • Major artery from the heart:        AORTA
  • Go-to choices, slangily:        FAVES
  • How something can be “Certified” on Rotten Tomatoes:        FRESH
  • Collection of lines on a music sheet:        STAFF
  • Loud, as a crowd:        AROAR
  • Chutzpah:        NERVE
  • Tinder set-ups:        DATES
  • Store away secretly:        STASH

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 11, 2022

  • Word after “pop” or “pub”:        QUIZ
  • Command-Z, on a Mac:        UNDO
  • “Same here”:        METOO
  • Bit of bridal attire:        VEIL
  • Biden’s title: Abbr.:        PRES
  • “My little horse must think it ___ / To stop without a farmhouse near”: Robert Frost:        QUEER
  • Loosen, as laces:        UNTIE
  • Forbidden things to worship in the Ten Commandments:        IDOLS
  • Animal attraction:        ZOO
  • Award for Steph Curry in ’15 and ’16:        MVP

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 10, 2022

  • Opposite of fail:        PASS
  • Jazz singer Fitzgerald:        ELLA
  • Payment with an A.T.M. card:        DEBIT
  • College reunion attendee:        ALUM
  • Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man, e.g.:        MEME
  • Jordan who directed “Get Out”:        PEELE
  • Photo collection:        ALBUM
  • Trail behind a snail:        SLIME
  • College entrance exam:        SAT
  • Hoover ___:        DAM

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 9, 2022

  • What a fold-out couch can become:        BED
  • Like an angle that’s not 90°:        OBLIQUE
  • South American country that hosted the first FIFA World Cup:        URUGUAY
  • Sink, as the sun:        SET
  • The “A” of I.P.A.:        ALE
  • Largest island in French Polynesia:        TAHITI
  • Home ___ (retail giant):        DEPOT
  • Golfer McIlroy:        RORY
  • Humongous:        BIG
  • Globe’s diving line:        EQUATOR
  • Good and evil, e.g.:        DUALITY
  • Remove from power:        OUST
  • If you put roast in a roaster, what do you put in a toaster?:        BREAD
  • Singer Vandross:        LUTHER
  • Center of a hurricane:        EYE
  • Wall St. debut:        IPO

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 8, 2022

  • Newspaper name after “Washington” and “New York”:        POST
  • Opposed to:        ANTI
  • Night vision?:        DREAM
  • Spitting ___:        IMAGE
  • Pictionary, Boggle, Scrabble, etc.:        GAMES
  • Italian province for which a hard cheese is named:        PARMA
  • Hour after midnight:        ONEAM
  • Music festival area:        STAGE
  • Newspaper name after “Los Angeles” and “Seattle”:        TIMES
  • Really enjoy:        DIG

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 7, 2022

  • Ring around the dozy?:        ALARM
  • Specialized jargon:        LINGO
  • Opposite of exit:        ENTER
  • Simple piano exercise:        SCALE
  • 100% committed:        ALLIN
  • Inclined:        LEANT
  • Beetle Bailey’s boss in the comic strip “Beetle Bailey”:        SARGE
  • Protective metal plating:        ARMOR
  • Dip for tortilla chips:        SALSA
  • What “C” on a calculator stands for:        CLEAR

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 6, 2022

  • It has a nucleus and valence shell:        ATOM
  • ___ Krispies (cereal):        RICE
  • Pearly whites:        TEETH
  • Like the Amur leopard and Sumatran tiger:        RARE
  • Forecast with a flake icon:        SNOW
  • Georgia O’Keeffe defined it as “Filling a space in a beautiful way”:          ART
  • Cake levels:        TIERS
  • It covers about 71% of the Earth’s surface:        OCEAN
  • Paris subway system:        METRO
  • Chop down:        HEW

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 5, 2022

  • “Hate cannot drive out hate, only ___ can do that”: Martin Luther King Jr.:        LOVE
  • Right away:        ASAP
  • A penny weighs 2.5:        GRAMS
  • Therefore:        ERGO
  • Kids are warned not to cross them:        EYES
  • “Curb Your Enthusiasm” protagonist:        LARRY
  • “August: ___ County” (Pulitzer-winning play):        OSAGE
  • Spanish for “Let’s go!”:        VAMOS
  • Short albums, for short:        EPS
  • Letter after “eff”:        GEE

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 4, 2022

  • Tally up:        ADD
  • Fashion magazine for Anna Wintour:        VOGUE
  • “Fingers crossed!”:        IHOPE
  • Restaurant patron:        DINER
  • Nondairy milk option:        SOY
  • Anguish:        AGONY
  • Pull a fast one on:        DUPE
  • Animal on an “Xing” sign:        DEER
  • Social media clips, for short:        VIDS
  • Where Oberlin College is located:        OHIO

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 3, 2022

  • Bit of coffee:        BEAN
  • Disney deer:        BAMBI
  • The world’s largest organism by mass, known as Pando, is this type of tree:        ASPEN
  • Part of a job negotiation:        TITLE
  • Mischievous:        SLY
  • Herb for pizza margherita:        BASIL
  • “E,” on a car’s dashboard:        EMPTY
  • Cain’s brother:        ABEL
  • 6, flipped:        NINE
  • Louisville Sluggers, e.g.:        BATS

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 2, 2022

  • Corn on the ___:        COB
  • Capital of Vietnam:        HANOI
  • Magazine with a “500” list:        FORTUNE
  • Device used to treat asthma:        INHALER
  • Stock up on again:        REORDER
  • Helped with the dishes:        DRIED
  • Word paired with “neither”:        NOR
  • Sound heard in a traffic jam:        CARHORN
  • Canada’s most populous province:        ONTARIO
  • Large rock:        BOULDER
  • Sharpened, as one’s skills:        HONED
  • “___ a Dollar” (hit song for Aloe Blacc):        INEED
  • Evergreen tree:        FIR
  • Make a mistake:        ERR

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- April 1, 2022

  • This clue is missing:        GONE
  • “Once ___ a time …”:        UPON
  • Gradually wear away, as soil:        ERODE
  • More together mentally:        SANER
  • This clue is not here:        THERE
  • Hotel patron:        GUEST
  • Winfrey of talk show fame:        OPRAH
  • Not a single person:        NOONE
  • Rear-___ (bad car accident):        ENDER
  • Before, in poetry:        ERE

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