The Best Youtube Cover Bands Influencers, The 25 Best Youtube Cover Artists –
The Best Youtube Cover Bands Influencers, The 25 Best Youtube Cover Artists –

We recently asked members of the Community for their favourite YouTube/TikTok/Soundcloud covers of all time! Here are some of the best suggestions:

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“Doyoung covering “Breathin”” is one of the most life-changing things I”ve ever seen. What he does to this song is so unexpected and so beautiful!”

— alicee40631410d

“Chase has great acoustic covers. I particularly like “Harvest Moon”, “The Night We Met”, “The Scientist”, and “Landslide” which he did with his sister. Their voices are so smooth and rich – they’re very talented!”

— jackie811

“I just love it when artists make heavier versions of pop songs, and this one is brilliant!”

— c4d510bc5d

“This cover is truly ethereal. Haley is also completely hilarious and insanely talented.”

— freyar48f58cc99

“I am currently loving Lizzo and Harry Styles covering each other”s songs for Live Lounge – Lizzo”s version of “Adore Me” is awesome! And Kina Grannis” cover of “Can”t Help Falling In Love” from the Crazy Rich Asians film is so beautiful.”

— elliebamuel

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“This cover is both beautiful and haunting! Dodie”s solo covers are also great and Orla is a mash-up goddess!”

— razmatini

“Lana is one of my favourite musicians! The original version is such a beautiful song and Conan does it perfectly.”

— megsusername

“There”s no vocals, it”s JUST piano, but it still brings me to tears and gives me goosebumps. That”s how much talent Peter has! The light and the intensity – he really made it his own.”

— maddiz

“They stripped it down to just a piano and changed some of the lyrics to make it more romantic. It”s perfect!”

— brookef4242250f3

“I was OBSESSED with pre-fame Justin Bieber on Youtube. I downloaded his cover of Chris Brown’s “With You” onto my MP3 player and had it on repeat for months and months. Crazy to see what became of little Kidrauhl!”

— abbieg5396

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