What Is The Best Armor Dragon Age Origins Mods You Must Have
What Is The Best Armor Dragon Age Origins Mods You Must Have

Dragon Age Origins isn’t a new game. With that being said, its visuals may leave a bit to be desired by some looking for something a bit sharper. The Dragon Age Graphics Enhancement mod cleans up the look of the game with sharpening, saturation, anti-aliasing, and more. It provides a much crisper look for those who think the game is looking a bit dull.

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You could never go wrong with some better visuals, and this is a perfect fix.


Another splendid weapon and armor set that is very lore friendly and looks like it belongs in the game. It is usable by all your party members as well so you can all strut around in matching swanky armor. There is nothing better in a tactics based game than coordination. This one has alternative versions to boot!

Texture Packs: – Blight Buster Texture Pack: Screenshots here. – Blood Warden Texture Pack: Screenshots here – Dragon Knight Texture Pack: Screenshots here. – Grey Warden B Texture Pack: Screenshots here. – Trailer Warden Texture Pack: Screenshots here.

There are quite a few armors available to players in Dragon Age: Origins, but not many are as sleek looking as players’s would like. It’s difficult to look exceptionally badass when playing as a Rogue, so the Assassin Armor and Rapiers mod helps out.

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The mod includes leather armor for human’s only. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with other races. It also includes a set of Rapiers. Unlike standard swords, these are programmed as longer daggers, meaning they don’t rely on your strength stat. Instead, they rely on your dexterity.

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Do note that you need to grab these items before the siege chapter. They were made for a new game, and you can miss the chest (located in the treasury room) that holds them.

Having to invest in lock-picking skills can be a real pain. With all of your weaponry and spells, you should be able to open up anything in your way. The Lock Bash mod helps to make that happen. Players will now be able to break open locks and bash through doors in Dragon Age Origins.

The ability relies on your primary stat. The higher it is, the better your chance at bashing the lock and not breaking any items that may be in a chest. Also, this mod makes it so that you can order others to open a lock for you if they already have a skill. The added bonus of not having to constantly switch between characters is much appreciated.

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